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Identify a Scam Job Interview

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The chance of getting a fake or scam job interview invitation is high, especially if you are a fresh graduate in Nigeria that recently completed the National Youth Service internship. You may not control the jobs you apply for, but you can check for their authenticity when you get an interview invite.  As a recent graduate, you are advised to use www.firstleveljobs.com to source for recent graduate jobs (0-2 years’ experience) in Nigeria.


Here are my tips on how to identify fake or scam job invitations in Nigeria.


  1. Use Google: Google is the world’s number one search engine, and if the job you are being invited to has any traces of the company name or the invitee HR manager, I advise you to do a quick google search. You will surely find something positive or not, but if you don’t, please dig deeper.


  1. Search Nairaland: One of the many essential uses of this great Nigerian forum is to search out fake job invites. I can almost guarantee you that it is a fake job; you will see a thread or some forum discussion about it on Nairaland.


  1. They ask for Money: Whether it is the company hiring or a recruitment consultant doing it on behalf of the company for the role, it is ethically wrong in Nigeria and globally to pay anyone to get employed. If your prospective interviewer or employer is requesting any payment from you, it is HIGHLY A SCAM JOB, RUN!!!


  1. Check LinkedIn: If you get the invitation by email, and you can’t find the invitee’s name via LinkedIn. There are chances the individual is not a genuine career recruiter and does not care about their career brand; hence why would they care about yours. Again, RUN!!!


Conclusion on Fake or Scam Job Interview Invitation

I have had my fair share of fake job interview invites. Phrases like you have been invited for “job assessment” or “seminar presentation” are highly prevalent among peddlers of fake or scam jobs. If you wake up to a message in your email or mobile phone, but after your research, you can’t find any trustworthy information on the employer or recruiter, I would highly advise you consider not attending such an interview.